A case study of online learning in 2022

A case study of online learning in 2022

What is a platform for online learning?


An information system that offers a secure learning environment so that students can take online courses is known as an online learning platform. Because they enable students to directly search for and purchase online courses, these online learning platforms are frequently referred to as "online course markets."


While some of these course marketplaces are used to showcase your own custom online courses, the bulk is more educationally focused and only provides college-level instruction.

What is the difference between an online course platform and a learning management system?

Online teachers can create, host, deliver, and sell courses using an online course platform, a sort of learning management system (LMS).


The more advanced type of LMS is typically utilized by businesses for employee onboarding and training as well as by academic institutions to support teaching. However, the entire category can occasionally contain WordPress plugins or even course platforms used by SMEs to develop & market online courses.


Online course platforms, in contrast to online learning platforms, are cloud-hosted programs that let teachers submit educational content they have developed using text, images, videos, PDF files, and audio to construct online classes or individual lessons.


Instead of selling their courses on well-known course marketplaces like Udemy, Edx, MagnetBrains, or SKillshare, individuals or SMEs can use a course platform to build their own course marketplace. By doing this, they may retain all the sales and user information over which they would otherwise have no control.


Comparing online course platforms vs online learning platforms

While an online course platform adopts the viewpoint of the online instructor or teacher, an 

online learning platform highlights and shows the learner's perspective.


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The real distinctions between the two titles depend on who is using them and the context of the conversation; the two terms are frequently used interchangeably. A learning platform is a location where students can find instructional content, browse and purchase courses, or entire educational programs. While it is the venue for information delivery from the viewpoint of a teacher.


Access the platforms here 



While course platforms typically refer to the software used to create a learning environment, such as LearnWorlds, Thinkific, or Teachable, online learning platforms are frequently used to identify marketplaces for courses or education like Coursera, Udemy, and LinkedIn Learning - formerly known as Lynda.


The hard work of audience development, marketing, and sales are greatly reduced when using an online learning platform, but you can lose control over price, user data, and branding.


You have more flexibility and freedom to manage your learning resources while using an online course platform. Additionally, you get to have a voice in how the course is presented and advertised as well as the complete website that hosts your online courses.


The needs of your firm will largely determine what you decide.

You will need to look at more precise needs found in a learning management system if you decide to use a standalone course platform. This is due to the fact that there are various LMS types, and each one excels at one particular function or category better than others.

Best Websites for Learning

As we examine each learning platform, we weigh its benefits and drawbacks to assist you in determining whether it meets your needs.

Learning platforms are better suited for students looking for a subject to study, as we previously indicated. They feature a big collection of learning pathways and courses.


Some of them allow different instructors to lecture under various content approval requirements. This is the second-best option if you don't want to establish a course on your own website. Each has its own specifications for what teachers must publish and how they will make money from the content.


Nevertheless, we have listed the benefits, drawbacks, and information for instructors and students who are considering these platforms.


An all-in-one solution that satisfies your needs is provided by a course platform for business owners, course developers, training companies, and SMEs.


LearnWorlds has built-in eCommerce features, course authoring tools, and website creation tools. And it's the platform our team has been creating and fostering for the last 8 years, gaining the trust of thousands of users in more than 80 different nations to deliver online education!


is an educational platform that provides expert courses in business, technology-related, and creative disciplines in the form of video lessons. It was originally known as Lynda.com. The platform, which is available as a premium service to LinkedIn users, focuses on assisting people in making investments in their professional growth and provides more than 16,000 courses in 7 languages.



  • Known and respected within the B2B community; a one-month free trial is included
  • offers consumers individualized course recommendations
  • after course completion, offers certification
  • allows you to use quizzes to evaluate your progress
  • access to offline learning for learning while traveling
  • enables you to utilize additional premium career features
  • Cons
  • It is confusing as to the caliber of the courses it offers, therefore before enrolling you should research them.
  • It may be difficult to join as an instructor Who is it for?
  • Students: Professionals and companies wishing to teach their staff will find it most useful.
  • Instructors: In addition to individual students, corporate teams, academic institutions, and governmental agencies can use the platform for instruction and training.



  • It is confusing as to the caliber of the courses it offers, therefore before enrolling you should research them.
  • Getting in as a teacher could be difficult.


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